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With a proclivity for the sciences and passion for experimenting, Yash and Harsh indulged in Molecular Gastronomy to satiate their urge to make ice cream a healthy option. To do this they used the Flash Freezing Technology which is a process of freezing food fast to preserve its freshness. They have achieved this by using liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen makes up to 78% of the atmosphere which we breathe routinely. Nitrogen is odourless, colourless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Nitrogen is compressed into a liquid state at - 300 degree Celsius. This liquid nitrogen flash freezes the entire dessert mixture while it evaporates which is seen as the magical clouds. As it freezes the entire mixture instantly, the formed crystals are very small in size which gives our dessert the smooth and silky texture. As we do not need any stabilizer / emulsifier / preservative in the whole ice cream making process, our desserts are closest to the natural form and are healthier than the commercially available options.

Use of this technology was first invented by the Queen of ice creams, Agnes Marshall, in 1890. In US and Europe various brands started using liquid nitrogen for making desserts at commercial level in 1990s. Creamicals, proudly introduced this concept in Pune in the year 2015, i.e. approximately 125 years after its first use.

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