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Mansi Oza - Eat Travel Fun
Mansi Oza - Eat Travel Fun
When science meet food, Creamicals is what you get! Creamicals serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. The whole process of ice cream making was intriguing. The flavor they offer are like any other ice cream flavor. Whether it is sinful chocolate, or fresh strawberry, each flavor ice cream is freshly made in front of you.

The process is simple:
  1. Take Milk
  2. Add sugar
  3. Add flavour (fresh fruits or chocolate, whichever you chose is added)
  4. Finally, *drumroll* Liquid Nitrogen is added
  5. Your Ice cream is ready!

The whole process is done in a mixture kind of equipment.
Some told me that ice cream made of liquid nitrogen is hard and you feel like eating ice without cream.
But at Creamicals, Ice cream tastes like any other ice cream.. Smooth and Tasty!!!

Tried and Tasted: Kitkat Chocolate and Gulkand
Loved this place! Must Eat if you wanna explore Food Science!!!
Elton Fernandes - EL The Cook
Restaurant Review Creamicals - A Spoonful Of Magic
Behind a veil of nitrogen infused air, we enter Creamicals - A Spoonful of Magic, located on a quiet by lane in Kothrud. There is an anticipation of magic as the air clears and a jolt of coffee hits your nose!

"Welcome to Creamicals!" says owner Harsh Paranjape, from behind the multi-coloured lights of his counter. A budding entrepreneur, Harsh and his brother Yash, have introduced Pune to her first liquid nitrogen themed frozen dessert shop!
Chemical Analyst by profession, Harsh beckons his scientific know-how and ties it seamlessly with food to make awesome ice-creams!

Wait....was that right?

YES! You heard that right they use liquid nitrogen, which stuns the onlooker, to make their super smooth ice-creams.

The dessert shop which boasts 15 different flavours, featuring chocolate, coffee, fruits and local flavours such as sitaphal (custard-apples) and gulkand!

So how do you go about ordering your frozen dessert? "Choose your favourite flavour and let the magic happen!" says Harsh, with a cheeky smile! So we did. We chose a Coffee Mocha which cost 150 rupees.

One of the skilled staff members, prepares a secret blend of Coffee, Milk and other ingredients, whisks it and then adds the mix to a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. He then whizzes around to large white cylinder and inverts it...
Steaming nitrogen liquid at -196°C comes bubbling out! This bellowing liquid is then added to the stand mixer with the blend of ingredients.

The liquid nitrogen instantly freezes the milk to ice-cream, the nitrogen being inert, evaporates..resulting in super smooth blend of creamy coffee mocha!

Our Coffee Mocha ice-cream was ready within an ice-cold minute and it was topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup. So what, you may ask are the differences between regular ice-cream and those made with liquid nitrogen?
The ice-cream is delectably smooth, with no ice crystals, the milk is frozen in an instant! The flavours of coffee are beautifully preserved, resulting in a rich, creamy ice-cream. With no preservatives, the ice-cream is the freshest and coldest dessert you will taste. The lack of stabilizers though will melt this ice-cream within 15 minutes, so taking home a pack is impossible, unless you stay close by.

With a feeling of scientific discovery, like rejuvenated school kids, Creamicals leaves you with a feeling of wonder! The veil of nitrogen and staff dressed in lab-coats and protective eye gear, does remind you of a science lab.
But science does indeed make brilliant ice-cream. It arrives from behind the mysterious & smoky nitrogen and is well worth the suspense!

EL The Cook recommends you try Creamicals for a truly out of this world ice-cream experience!
Pune Mirror
Just Desserts
The wonderful phenomenon called ice cream seems to have evolved way beyond humble carts dishing out bright orange wafer cones with two giant scoops of the beloved frozen dessert.

At this tiny new ice cream parlour in Karve Nagar, for instance, ice cream is clearly not just a little treat you occasionally give yourself after dinner, given the pomp and show with which they serve it to you. Serious science that goes into this process. Incorporating the technology of molecular gastronomy into the ice-creaming making process, liquid nitrogen is used here to flash-freeze the ice cream base, and the dessert is prepared in front of you within two minute, in a dramatic cloud of gas. The extraminute crystal size of the ice cream gives it an interesting silkysmooth texture.

Not sickeningly sweet or artificial- tasting, the ice cream instantly melts in your mouth. While their tangy fresh fruit flavours like kiwi and banana are rather popular, we quite liked the sharp punch of their ginger ice cream, the mellow goodness of the honey one, as well as the sheer innovation of the gulkand, paan, and masala milk varieties.

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