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Pune Mirror
Just Desserts
The wonderful phenomenon called ice cream seems to have evolved way beyond humble carts dishing out bright orange wafer cones with two giant scoops of the beloved frozen dessert.

At this tiny new ice cream parlour in Karve Nagar, for instance, ice cream is clearly not just a little treat you occasionally give yourself after dinner, given the pomp and show with which they serve it to you. Serious science that goes into this process. Incorporating the technology of molecular gastronomy into the ice-creaming making process, liquid nitrogen is used here to flash-freeze the ice cream base, and the dessert is prepared in front of you within two minute, in a dramatic cloud of gas. The extraminute crystal size of the ice cream gives it an interesting silkysmooth texture.

Not sickeningly sweet or artificial- tasting, the ice cream instantly melts in your mouth. While their tangy fresh fruit flavours like kiwi and banana are rather popular, we quite liked the sharp punch of their ginger ice cream, the mellow goodness of the honey one, as well as the sheer innovation of the gulkand, paan, and masala milk varieties.

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