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Elton Fernandes - EL The Cook
Restaurant Review Creamicals - A Spoonful Of Magic
Behind a veil of nitrogen infused air, we enter Creamicals - A Spoonful of Magic, located on a quiet by lane in Kothrud. There is an anticipation of magic as the air clears and a jolt of coffee hits your nose!

"Welcome to Creamicals!" says owner Harsh Paranjape, from behind the multi-coloured lights of his counter. A budding entrepreneur, Harsh and his brother Yash, have introduced Pune to her first liquid nitrogen themed frozen dessert shop!
Chemical Analyst by profession, Harsh beckons his scientific know-how and ties it seamlessly with food to make awesome ice-creams!

Wait....was that right?

YES! You heard that right they use liquid nitrogen, which stuns the onlooker, to make their super smooth ice-creams.

The dessert shop which boasts 15 different flavours, featuring chocolate, coffee, fruits and local flavours such as sitaphal (custard-apples) and gulkand!

So how do you go about ordering your frozen dessert? "Choose your favourite flavour and let the magic happen!" says Harsh, with a cheeky smile! So we did. We chose a Coffee Mocha which cost 150 rupees.

One of the skilled staff members, prepares a secret blend of Coffee, Milk and other ingredients, whisks it and then adds the mix to a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. He then whizzes around to large white cylinder and inverts it...
Steaming nitrogen liquid at -196°C comes bubbling out! This bellowing liquid is then added to the stand mixer with the blend of ingredients.

The liquid nitrogen instantly freezes the milk to ice-cream, the nitrogen being inert, evaporates..resulting in super smooth blend of creamy coffee mocha!

Our Coffee Mocha ice-cream was ready within an ice-cold minute and it was topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup. So what, you may ask are the differences between regular ice-cream and those made with liquid nitrogen?
The ice-cream is delectably smooth, with no ice crystals, the milk is frozen in an instant! The flavours of coffee are beautifully preserved, resulting in a rich, creamy ice-cream. With no preservatives, the ice-cream is the freshest and coldest dessert you will taste. The lack of stabilizers though will melt this ice-cream within 15 minutes, so taking home a pack is impossible, unless you stay close by.

With a feeling of scientific discovery, like rejuvenated school kids, Creamicals leaves you with a feeling of wonder! The veil of nitrogen and staff dressed in lab-coats and protective eye gear, does remind you of a science lab.
But science does indeed make brilliant ice-cream. It arrives from behind the mysterious & smoky nitrogen and is well worth the suspense!

EL The Cook recommends you try Creamicals for a truly out of this world ice-cream experience!

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