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Mansi Oza - Eat Travel Fun
Mansi Oza - Eat Travel Fun
When science meet food, Creamicals is what you get! Creamicals serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. The whole process of ice cream making was intriguing. The flavor they offer are like any other ice cream flavor. Whether it is sinful chocolate, or fresh strawberry, each flavor ice cream is freshly made in front of you.

The process is simple:
  1. Take Milk
  2. Add sugar
  3. Add flavour (fresh fruits or chocolate, whichever you chose is added)
  4. Finally, *drumroll* Liquid Nitrogen is added
  5. Your Ice cream is ready!

The whole process is done in a mixture kind of equipment.
Some told me that ice cream made of liquid nitrogen is hard and you feel like eating ice without cream.
But at Creamicals, Ice cream tastes like any other ice cream.. Smooth and Tasty!!!

Tried and Tasted: Kitkat Chocolate and Gulkand
Loved this place! Must Eat if you wanna explore Food Science!!!

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